Findings from a mixed methods study of an interprofessional faculty development program

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Journal Article

Forty faculty members from eight schools participated in a year-long National Faculty Development Program (NFDP) conducted in 2012–2013, aimed at developing faculty knowledge and skills for interprofessional education (IPE). The NFDP included two live conferences. Between conferences, faculty teams implemented self-selected IPE projects at their home institutions and participated in coaching and peer-support conference calls. This paper describes program outcomes. A mixed methods approach was adopted. Data were gathered through online surveys and semi-structured interviews. The study explored whether faculty were satisfied with the program, believed the program was effective in developing knowledge and skills in designing, implementing, and evaluating IPE, and planned to continue newly-implemented IPE and faculty development (FD). Peer support and networking were two of the greatest perceived benefits. Further, this multi-institutional program appears to have facilitated early organizational change by bringing greater contextual understanding to assumptions made at the local level that in turn could influence hidden curricula and networking. These findings may guide program planning for future FD to support IPE.

Erin Abu-Rish Blakeney
Andrea Pfeifle
Mandy Jones
Leslie Walter Hall
Brenda K. Zierler
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