About the Nexus

Informing About the Nexus

Today, a very real and substantial gap exists between health professions education and health care delivery in the United States. The goal of the National Center Nexus is to bridge this gap by creating a deeply connected, integrated learning system to transform education and care together. 

The Nexus is able to critically examine current evidence and practices and create practical models that can then be effectively integrated into different clinical and learning environments. Pulling together vastly different stakeholders such as patients, families and communities; and incorporating students and residents into the interprofessional team helps achieve the the Triple Aim of creating better experiences, improving health, and reducing costs.

By thinking and acting differently in the Nexus, we aim to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving health care system and learn how it can contribute to the imperative of the Triple Aim* to:

  • Improve the patient experience of care
  • Improve the health of populations
  • Reduce the per capita cost of health care


*The Triple Aim framework was developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Cambridge, Massachusetts (www.ihi.org).