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Posted: Monday, August 28, 2017 - 11:13am
Forum: General discussion

Week of August 27th:

            As of last week, we received approval for an expanded role for our school of nursing program manager, Brenda McNeil.  We proposed to have Dr McNeil run the clinical seminar meetings with final year FNP students, as well as make regular visits to participate in clinical seminar meetings with AGPCNP students. We requested this change to provide a method to achieve our project goal of extending I CAN educational experiences to students in the primary care MS tracks who are not in the I CAN program. Dr McNeil is available for this activity as we also decided to decrease the number of clinical site visits for each preceptor-student dyad. While feedback clearly identified the value of the clinical site visits, both students and preceptors felt that the number of site visits was a bit too high. Thus we will have clinical site visits monthly (rather than bi-monthly). We are excited to implement this change in the program manager position and feel that it will allow the opportunity for the program manager to provide educational supports to all students in the UConn SON in the MS primary care tracks. 

Posted: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - 11:13am
Forum: General discussion

The first semester of the “I CAN” program (Innovative Clinical-Academic Partnership to Enhance NP Preparation for Practice) ended mid-May, and overall it was a successful start to the program! At the conclusion of the first semester, we ran focus groups for both the students and for the preceptors. Results from the focus group discussions revealed that both preceptors and students felt that their wasn’t enough time in the day for teaching or feedback. Many of the students reported that they were seeing every patient on their preceptor’s schedule. We plan to make adjustments inour preceptor orientation to reinforce that students should not be seeing every patient of the day, which may increase time available for teaching and/or feedback. Additionally, we will also be giving the students a clinical orientation at the beginning of next semester to reinforce this expectation to them as well.