Connecting Discussion General discussion I CAN Grant Update: 11/8/17
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Through our application process that began a few weeks ago, we have successfully recruited eight students for cohort 2. We will soon start the process of placing our cohort 2 students into their clinical placements. We hope that we can place some students in new sites in our clinical partner agency to expand the clinical experiences the student participants have. Additionally, placing students in new environments will help to off-set burnout and overload that our clinical partner preceptors might be feeling.

Additionally, data was analyzed for Cohort 1 at week 5 for clinical performance and week 7 for preceptor/preceptee dyads, specifically looking at preceptor self-evaluation, preceptee self-evaluation, preceptor clinical evaluation of student, student evaluation of self, and student evaluation of clinical site.  Data was reported to research team via email and conference call identifying areas of concern for 2 students re: number of clinical hours and acuity – one resolved, one to be investigated further by PI.  No concerns in dyad relationships or concerns from preceptors regarding student clinical performance.

Future plans for I CAN include analyzing and reporting week 10 data regarding student clinical hours and patient acuity beginning the week of 11/13/17.