Summit Workshops

Practical Workshops at the Nexus Summit: 


Workshop 1: Creating IPE Curriculum Using Bolman & Deal's Four Framework Approach


Workshop 2: Using Team Collaboratives & Faculty Consultations to Enhance Team-Based Care: Techniques from University of Rochester Department of Family Medicine


Workshop 3: Lessons Learned: Implementing IPCP Interventions in Two Primary Care Clinics Treating Underserved Populations


Workshop 4: Creating Something from Nothing: Building an Interprofessional Practice & Education Institute


Workshop 5: Making Interprofessional Practice "Real": Developing Student Experiences in Rural Settings to Align Education & Practice


Workshop 6: Showing the Value-Added Benefit of Health Profession Student Teams in Patient Care


Workshop 7: Building a NEXUS Network of Partners: Strategies for Building Relationships, Infrastructure & Action Plans


Workshop 8: Catalyzing Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in Existing Clinical Teams: Interactive Approaches to Building Teams 


Workshop 9: i-Care: A Team-Based Approach to Meeting the Needs of the Underserved with Chronic Conditions


Workshop 10: Quality Improvement & Leadership Development for Residents Leading Interprofessional Teams


Workshop 11: I-CAN, An Innovative Community-based Interprofessional Clinical Education Model


Workshop 12: A Quick Clinical IPE Roll-out: Is It Possible? 


Workshop 13: Teamwork Training in Integrated Care: Navigating the Nexus in Real Time


Workshop 14: Enhancing Community Partnerships to Improve Students Becoming Collaboration Ready for Population Health


Workshop: NEPQR Appreciative Inquiry