Nexus Summit 2022 Seminar Showcase Webinar: Fostering the Facilitator: Principles and Strategies for Planning Interprofessional Continuing Education Programs

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A description of the seminar: Advancing interprofessional education for pre-licensure learners and healthcare providers is dependent upon educational programming designed by interprofessional teams. This seminar will describe one institution’s approach to designing, implementing, and evaluating a continuing interprofessional education program for educators who supervise learning in clinical settings. The presenters will share their guiding principles, specific strategies, and lessons learned. Participants will engage in small group and large group discussion about key principles of co-design, collaborative communication, and community-building. Learning activities will consist of an interactive presentation (15 minutes), individual reflection (10 minutes), small group discussion (20 minutes), and large group semi-structured debriefing (15 minutes). Participants will respond to questions within a worksheet throughout the session to extend their knowledge, reflect on their own experiences, engage in discussion, and develop goals to apply within their own institution. The seminar will also provide opportunity for networking and community-building.

A discussion of how Summit theme will be addressed: This session will describe the strategies used in a continuing interprofessional education program emphasizing guiding principles and lessons learned. Participants will have opportunity to reflect on their own continuing interprofessional education and imagine opportunities to enhance foundational and continuing education programming within their own institutions through the use of co-design, collaborative communication, and community-building principles.


Nicholas Hudak, MPA, MSEd, PA-C, Duke University School of Medicine, Center for Interprofessional Education and Care, Division of Physician Assistant Studies

Mikelle Key-Solle, MD, Duke University School of Medicine


Nicholas Hudak, MPA, MSEd, PA-C
Mikelle Key-Solle, MD
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