Nexus Summit 2022 Seminar Showcase Webinar: The Journey and Roadmap of a Competency-based Virtual Interprofessional Teaching and Learning Program

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The evolution of virtual teaching during the pandemic has revolutionized health professional education, creating a decade of change within the span of a week. (Langlois, 2020, Lackie et al., 2020). At the Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare and Education (formerly named the Centre for Interprofessional Education), curriculum and pedagogy pivoted to virtual delivery to serve the needs of stakeholders/organizations.

This seminar will walk participants through the roadmap and journey of a virtual interprofessional teaching and learning program (VITAL). This was developed to create an accessible education program for interprofessional competencies (CIHC, 2010) during the pandemic. The program was delivered over six virtual modules (90min ea.) to reduce screen fatigue. Though foci/objectives remained on collaborative competency development and interprofessional education pedagogy, virtual delivery allowed role modeling of interactive transformative learning and critical reflection on virtual facilitation strategies. A co-facilitation model allowed multiple monitoring and emergent adaptation to participant virtual engagement.

Outcomes and evaluations of this program were strong and comments demonstrated impact to individual learners and to organizations as learners applied their learning to create change in their teams. Strong partnerships, integration of organizational small group facilitators with orientation/debriefs and feedback mechanisms resulted in program co-creation and innovation with each iteration. Examples include a seventh project application module to further apply learnings for transformative change and new team simulation videos were developed with an international fellowship program. The sustainability and capacity of the program has been enhanced with an open registration program and scaling custom programs from local to international organizations across the system. The program was recognized as the recipient of the 2022 Helen P. Batty Award for Excellence and Achievement in Faculty Development in the category of Excellence or Innovation in Program Development and Design.


Dean Lising, PT, MSc (Health Admin), BScPT, BSc, Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare & Education, Department of Physical Therapy, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Lynne Sinclair, PT, MA (AdEd), BScPT, Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare & Education, Department of Physical Therapy, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Belinda Vilhena, MEd, Director, Operations & Business Development & Lead, Professional Development, CACHE, Director, UHN Conference Services & BMO Conference Services, Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare & Education, University Health Network/University of Toronto

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The highest rated peer-reviewed seminars offered during Nexus Summit 2022 will cover topics ranging from diversity, equity and inclusion, medical-dental integration, cross institutional collaboration, interprofessional systems and structures, narrative leadership, and virtual simulations, among others. Offered between February - July 2023, the Nexus Summit 2022 Seminar Showcase will provide an opportunity to learn from, with, and about the work being done to improve practice, education and health for those we serve.


Dean Lising, PT, MSc (Health Admin), BScPT, BSc
Lynne Sinclair, PT, MA (AdEd), BScPT
Belinda Vilhena, MEd
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