Workshop Format and Expectations

Workshop Format and Expectations

The purpose of this two-day workshop is to engage teams to develop the knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes needed to facilitate interprofessional learning IN practice. 

Pre-work Prior to Arrival

To assure success, we have found that it is essential for a Nexus Team to carve out time together at home to develop the understanding, trust and relationships to work together.

The PIN goal is to support teams to implement interprofessional learning at their clinical or community site following the institute.  To maximize benefits of the institute, teams can prepare for learning together in advance by:

  • Exploring the Preceptors in the Nexus online program, specifically:
    • An Introduction to Interprofessional Collaboration
    • Interprofessional Precepting: Best Practices
  • Viewing Amina in the Nexus to reflect upon the current culture for interprofessional learning at your site
  • Discussing potential project(s) at your site to apply PIN principles in practice
  • Preparing to “roll up their sleeves” for two full days of work (including Day One evening) in Minneapolis

At the Workshop

At the PIN Workshop, teams will develop their interprofessional learning IN practice project aimed to catalyze a culture of interprofessional collaboration and teamwork by engaging multiple learners.

Teams will have access to InSITE (Interprofessional Site Readiness Tool), a self-reflection instrument designed for teams to assess the readiness of clinical practices for interprofessional practice and education. Domains of focus include: learner experience at the site, preceptor or supervisor qualities, site infrastructure and culture and organizational structure.   

Through the National Center, online discussion boards will be available to facilitate ongoing learning through a self-lead community of practice. The PIN team will conduct follow-up support as requested by attendee teams.