Conversation Cafes

Nexus Summit The 2017 NEXUS SUMMIT Conversation Cafes
Make Your Voice Heard and Make a Difference at the 2017 Conversation Cafés

At the inaugural Nexus Summit in 2016, we launched the Summit Conversation Cafes, a series of 1.5 hour facilitated sessions with the goal of a World Café-style conversation in which participants shared their ideas about solutions to "thorny and burning issues of IPE." These discussions are intended to be results-oriented with recommendations for the National Center and stakeholders to take critical actions. By the end of the meeting, preliminary discussions were used to shape our work for the future.

This year, we're going to follow up on the progress made from last year (Hint: It's impressive!), discuss new concerns and feedback that now exists in IPE, and introduce a new conversation to tackle head-on.

Cafe 1 - The BIG Question

Facilitators - Barbara Barnes, MD, MS; Dimitra Travlos, PharmD
How do we help students, trainees, and practitioners gain the competencies to work in new models of care when we are still practicing in traditional models?


Cafe 2 (NEW) - Team Optimization

Facilitators - Gerri Lamb, PhD, RN, FAAN; Warren Newton, MD, MPH
What are opportunities and unintended consequences of team optimization?  What are the learning and education issues when creating a new composite of teams?



Cafe 3 - Accreditation

Facilitators - Pete Vlasses, PharmD, DSc (Hon), FCCP; Joe Zorek, PharmD
Last year, the Accreditation Conversation Café provided information that was shared at the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 meetings.  As a result, on May 2, 2017, 23 accreditors met to consider issues in how their standards for interprofessional education and collaborative practice should relate to each other.  

Cafe 4 - Organizational Models of IPE

Facilitators - Chris Arenson, MD; Joy Doll, OTR/L
What organizational models for aligning IPE and health care delivery will advance IPE most effectively and most efficiently?

Many more details on each cafe and facilitators will be available soon!