Rapid Geriatric Assessment

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Submitted by Marla Berg-Weger on Mar 27, 2024 - 1:32pm CDT

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The Rapid Geriatric Assessment (RGA) is a brief screening tool that:
• provides a brief, reliable method for detecting common geriatric syndromes, including frailty, sarcopenia, geriatric anorexia, and cognitive function; 
• helps identify problems for which early interventions are most likely to be successful; and 
• enables tracking of changes over time (annual screening checks)
The RGA can be administered in a few minutes by any member of the healthcare team who has been trained in RGA administration. While each health profession has different sets of expertise to address these issues, assessment and referral can be done by all health professionals who come into contact with older adults. To learn more about the RGA, visit our website (url below) to find a copy of the tool, and a training manual and video. The manual includes a copy of each tool along with information on scoring and interpretation and patient education sheets.

Marla Berg-Weger, PhD, LCSW
Age-Friendly Care and Education Collection