Interprofessional simulation for health professional students in the area of pain management

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Submitted by Jill Romeo on Dec 19, 2019 - 4:34pm CST

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Journal Article

This IPE resource is a recent, accepted peer reviewed manuscript that is the first to investigate the use of an interprofessional pain assessment and management simulation for physiotherapy and occupational therapy students. This resource is of significant benefit to health professional educators who wish to construct interprofessional learning activities in the area of pain management. The intervention uses authentic simulation to allow interprofessional collaboration between students with effective debriefing and feedback. The manuscript outlines for the audience the application of the teaching intervention which is designed to be brief and sustainable for use in pre-professional training contexts. It outlines cases used and the role of staff within the intervention. It uses validated outcome measures to demonstrate a significant enhancement of physiotherapy and occupational therapy students perceptions of interprofessional practice and attitudes to pain management. 

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Occupational Therapy

Context of the Resource: Australia, New Zealand

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