An interprofessional practice capability framework focusing on safe, high quality client centred health service.

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Submitted by Jill Romeo on Dec 5, 2021 - 9:35pm CST

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Journal Article


This paper describes an interprofessional capability framework which builds on the existing interprofessional competency and capability frameworks from the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America. Existing published

frameworks generally make reference to being client centred and to the safety and quality of care, and locate interprofessional collaborative practice as the central theme or objective. In contrast, this framework interlinks all three elements: client-centred services, safety and quality of services, and interprofessional collaborative practice. The framework is clear and succinct with an accompanying visual representation that highlights all key features. The

framework has informed curriculum which incorporates a common first-year, case-based educational workshops and practice placements within a large complex health sciences faculty of approximately 10,000 students from 22 disciplines. The articulation of these key elements of health practice has facilitated students, academic staff, and community health professionals to develop a shared understanding of interprofessional education and practice. The design, implementation, and evaluation of learning outcomes, learning experiences, and assessments have been transformed with the introduction of this framework, which is highly applicable to other contexts.

Brewer, M. L.
Jones, S.