Interprofessional Collaboration Scale

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Submitted by Chris Kenaszchuk on Jun 11, 2014 - 2:36pm CDT

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The Interprofessional Collaboration Scale contains 13 items to measure three constructs: communication (5 items), accommodation (5 items), and isolation (3 items). The scale's novel feature is that it was conceived and written for multiple-group, round robin, rater judgements of target groups. For example, inpatient medical/surgical wards may be staffed by nurses, physicians, and allied health care professionals. The survey can be completed by nurses (raters) to make physicians and other health professionals targets of the items. With modest vocabulary adaptations, (i) physician raters complete the three subscales about nurse and other health professionals as item targets, and (ii) other health professional raters complete the subscales about physicians and nurses as item targets.

Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses support the factor structures. Reliability of rater/target/subscale combinations has been approximately 0.80; sometimes as low as 0.73 and up to 0.88.


Kenaszchuk, Chris
Reeves, Scott
Nicholas, David
Zwarenstein, Merrick