Forming inter-institutional partnerships to offer pre-registration IPE

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Submitted by Jill Romeo on Sep 3, 2023 - 7:07pm CDT

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Journal Article

IPE programs for pre-registration health science students are largely offered within one institution. Sometimes, e.g. in small or regional institutions, or where larger institutions do not offer particular professional programs, it may be necessary to partner with other institutions to offer IPE. This study explored teacher perspectives of forming inter-institutional partnerships IPE. An interpretive descriptive approach was used to thematically analyse data from three focus groups. Findings were that time, effort, working with complexity, and ability to stay on the same page are necessary elements for building successful partnerships.

McKinlay, E.
Brown, M.
Benn, C.
Burrow, M
Coleman, K.
Darlow, B.
Donovan, S.
Gorte, T.
Hilder, J
Neser, H.
Perry, M.
Sutherland, D.
Wallace, D.
Waterworth, C.
Pullon, S.