Interprofessional education in pre-registration courses: A CAIPE guide for commissioners and regulators of education

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Submitted by Hugh Barr on Mar 27, 2014 - 11:30am CDT

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This guide from the Center for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education:

  • Offers a working knowledge of IPE between pre-registration courses for medical, health, social care and related professions in the UK
  • Sharpens critical awareness of factors which ensure that such IPE is effective
  • Invites readers to review how their organisations commission and regulate it

Pre-registration courses are at different stages in developing IPE. Some may still be at the 'add-on' stage, i.e. where the IPE is marginal. Most, however, have implanted IPE within and between pre-registration professional courses for a number of professions.

No two arrangements for including IPE are the same. Each responds to local needs within prevailing priorities, opportunities and constraints, taking into account changes in health and social care policy and practice. Their merits may be judged on the cogency of their interpretation and application of the principles of interprofessional education in time and place.

Hugh Barr
Helena Low