Interprofessionalism and shared decision-making in primary care: a stepwise approach towards a new model

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Most shared decision-making (SDM) models within healthcare have been limited to the patient-physician dyad. As a first step towards promoting an interprofessional approach to SDM in primary care, this article reports how an interprofessional and interdisciplinary group developed and achieved consensus on a new interprofessional SDM model. The key concepts within published reviews of SDM models and interprofessionalism were identified, analysed, and discussed by the group in order to reach consensus on the new interprofessional SDM (IP-SDM) model. The IP-SDM model comprises three levels: the individual (micro) level and two healthcare system (meso and macro) levels. At the individual level, the patient presents with a health condition that requires decision-making and follows a structured process to make an informed, value-based decision in concert with a team of healthcare professionals. The model acknowledges (at the meso level) the influence of individual team members' professional roles including the decision coach and organizational routines. At the macro level it acknowledges the influence of system level factors (i.e. health policies, professional organisations, and social context) on the meso and individual levels. Subsequently, the IP-SDM model will be validated with other stakeholders.

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Legare, France
Stacey, Dawn
Pouliot, Sophie
Gauvin, Francois-Pierre
Desroches, Sophie
Kryworuchko, Jennifer
Dunn, Sandy
Elwyn, Glyn
Frosch, Dominick
Gagnon, Marie-Pierre
Harrison, Margaret B
Pluye, Pierre
Graham, Ian D
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Journal of Interprofessional Care. 25(1):18-25, 2011 Jan.