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Kimmalla Mitchell

Degree & Credential: BS in Criminal Justice
Location: Texas
Title: Project Coordinator
Organization: University of North Texas
Profession: High Education Administration

Ms. Mitchell is a Sr. Administrative Specialist in UNT-CHE-RHS. She spent over seven years in the United States Army as a human resource generalist, administrative assistant, and police officer before medically retiring. Ms. Mitchell has extensive experience in finance, administration, and logistical coordination. She is currently completing her M.A. in Professional Counseling at Liberty University and is an advocate for underserved populations and veterans. She spent two years being the liaison between departments across the university’s system, small minority companies, and large corporations. Ms. Mitchell assisted the University of North Texas Dallas campus in reaching number two of 180 for the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program in the State of Texas.

As project coordinator, Ms. Mitchell will manage the administration and logistics of community and academic partnerships, project reporting, interactions between students and partnership sites, budget management, purchasing, and the day to day duties related to the project.  She will direct operations for the project’s integrated behavioral health internship field placements program, provide institutional leadership in counselor education services, assessment, consultation, crisis intervention, program evaluation and dissemination. Ms. Mitchell will serve as student ombudsman, and facilitates professional integrated behavioral healthcare trainings for graduate students and university affiliates. She is responsible for planning and assessment of UNT-CHE-RHS clinical internship experiences; assist with planning and assessment of graduate student competency activities and implementation of work plan. Ms. Mitchell is responsible for admissions, registration, scheduling, coordinating with grant faculty to develop additional clinical partnership site agreements, monitoring student and clinical partnership practitioners access to on-line training modules, and coordinating student recruitment and field placement supports during the course of the grant. She will provide project staff and participant support for web course management software and update and maintain counselor education field experience policies and procedures to maintain strict adherence to legal and ethical standards, as they relate to mental health counseling. Ms. Mitchell will develop marketing strategies to promote counselor education field experience program on and off campus.

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