Profile Badges

Connecting Profile Badges

Ambassador:  This badge is given to individuals to National Center Ambassadors, a group of trained community members that are working to ignite and spread the IPE movement.

Commentator:  This badge is given to individuals and organizations that start or contribute to conversations. Whether it’s adding their thoughts to the latest IPE research or posing a question in a group, making five or more comments will earn you this badge. All you need is a registered account to get started.

Community Moderator: This badge is given to National Center community moderators, a hand-selected group of IPE experts readily available to answer your questions, facilitate introductions or recommend resources. Click here to meet our current community moderators.

Contributor:  This badge is given to individuals and organizations that add an item to the Resource Center. Whether a journal article, webinar, case study or conference paper, these items help tell the story of where IPE has been, where it’s headed and what’s next. Click here to learn how you can contribute to the Resource Center.

Nexus Innovation Network: This badge is given to organizational and personal profiles connected to active sites in the Nexus Innovation Network. Click here to learn more about each of our research sites.