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E Maxwell Davis

Degree & Credential: PhD, LISW
Location: California
Title: Director, Integrated Behavioral Health
Organization: California Social Work Education Center, UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare
Profession: Education Administrator

Maxwell Davis has served as the Director of the Integrated Behavioral Health Program at CalSWEC in September 2015. She directs the statewide MHSA (Mental Health Services Act) Stipend Program, through which MSW students are trained in the use of the recovery model to provide behavioral health care. She is Principal Investigator for and directs the San Francisco Bay Area Integrated Behavioral Health MSW Stipend Program and the Northern California Substance Use Disorder Treatment MSW Training Program, through which MSW students are trained to provide behavioral health care in integrated primary care settings and, for Substance Use Disorder Treatment trainees, to work in interprofessional teams providing medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorders. Dr. Davis also directs all evaluation components of Berkeley Social Welfare's Latinx Center of Excellence. Dr. Davis’ work in previous teaching, research, and clinical positions focused on addressing health disparities. Her work at CalSWEC continues her efforts to help social workers better meet the health and behavioral health care needs of marginalized and underserved communities. Dr. Davis earned her M.S.S.A. from Case Western Reserve University and her Ph.D. in social work from the University of Southern California.

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