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Dear IPE Colleagues,

I am working with the Texas A&M Health Science Center on a project to look into revising TeamSTEPPS 2.0 (TS) Power Point presentation/materials to target early health professional students. Before attempting to modify all the TS Power Point modules and exercises, I was motivated to ask the IPE community for assistance in determining if someone has already done so.

Some of the current TS characteristics we would like to address and for which, I have been informed by AHRQ, there are no plans to address or modify in future TS versions:

  1. Outdated video vignettes of TS strategies and tools.(e.g., Hospital settings appear to be ca. 1990 with paper charts, pocket pagers, thick paper bound drug reference books, etc.)
  2. Proliferative use of mnemonic acronyms.
  3. Vignettes, narrative examples, and exercises focused on a hospital setting and practicing hospital health professionals.

This is not a criticism of TS, but an explanation of why we desire to modify the current TS version. We feel the above TS items are not properly focused on our target audience of first year students in (dental, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and public health programs. Most of these students have no experience working in a hospital setting. Feedback from our students supports the perception that the TS material mentioned above is distracting and possibly even hindering the learning of TS in IPE settings. For example, public health and dental students may find it difficult to understand the application of TS strategies and tools to their profession by viewing only demonstrations of huddles, call outs, check backs, etc. in the hospital setting currently in TS.

My question to this forum: if anyone is aware of a TS modified version focused on early health professional students in an IPE format, please share the info with me to assist with this project.

Benny Holland, PhD


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Hi Benny,

I see that this is a very old post and I'm aware that there are actually (trainer focused) TeamSTEPPS 2.0 materials avaialable through AHRQ now. However, if you are still looking for resources, we have identfied innovative and updated TeamSTEPPS resources and materials at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, California. They have been generous in sharing these resources with us, and I'd be happy to connect you if you are still exploring this.


Maxwell Davis