Interprofessional by Design

Interprofessional by Design


National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education Partnership Workshop

March 28-30, 2018

Tempe, AZ

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Interprofessional By Design  

What You Need to Know to Advance Team-Based Care and Return on Investment:
Integrated Care and Care Coordination

Workshop Overview

A very active and practical 3-day workshop in which participants learn and practice strategies and tools for high performance teamwork  in care coordination and integrated care – and how to translate team roles, activities and outcomes into dollars. 

Who Will Benefit

The workshop is designed for all health care professionals in faculty, practice and administrative roles.  You do not need experience or advanced skills in care coordination, integrated care or return on investment (ROI) calculations.  We’ll take you through this – building from day 1 to the end of day 3 when you’ll develop your own team-based ROI relevant to the work you’re doing.  Faculty will walk away with insights, tools and strategies to prepare students for team practice in care coordination and integrated care.  Practitioners will walk away with insights, tools and strategies ready for immediate application. All participants will gain an understanding of how to turn their teamwork activities into return on investment. 

By the end of this 3-day workshop, you will: 

  • Try out selected strategies and tools used to support effective care coordination and integrated care, such as risk screening, integrated care plans, and efficient huddle and team meeting formats.
  • Use Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to translate teamwork outcomes into dollars and impact. 

Workshop Schedule

I. Day 1  

  • Translating high performance teamwork into return for you and your organization
  • Optimizing team-based care: roles, goals, and outcomes
  • High performance teamwork for integrated physical and mental health services

II. Day 2 

  • Tools and strategies for care coordination and complex care management
  • Integrated care, care coordination and ROI: what’s the connection?
  • Introduction to ROI analysis

III. Day 3 

  • Calculating the ROI of your role on your team
  • Calculating your team’s ROI 
  • Sustaining high performance teamwork