VA Highlight on Panel Management

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Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Academic Affiliations, Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education; VA Puget Sound Healthcare System Seattle

Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education (CoEPCE)

Joyce Wipf, MD; Catherine Kaminetzky, MD and Howard Mun, PharmD 


Highlight on Panel Management (Click Here)

This webinar includes:

  1. How Panel Management/Quality Improvement is embedded in the CoEPCE interprofessional curriculum
  2. Responsibly engaging trainees in Panel Management
  3. Primary care process and skills needed during training
  4. Focus on the IP Workplace and experiential learning augmented on didactics
  5. Interprofessional Seminars

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For information, resources and video clips see:

Joyce Wipf, MD
Catherine Kaminetzky, MD
Howard Mun, PharmD