PCMHI Curriculum Development in Interprofessional Academic Primary Care

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Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Academic Affiliations, Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education; Coordinating Center

Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education (CoEPCE)

CoEPCE Coordinating Center PCMHI Consultant Bradford Felker, MD


PCMHI Curriculum Development in interprofessional Academic Primary Care (Click Here for Link)

This webinar includes:

  1. An overview of transformative PCMHI programs that provide excellent clinical care and create optimal learning for trainees and staff.
  2. Curriculum to supporting integration of mental health education into primary care.
  3. Support for the development of core mental health competencies
  4. National Mental and Behavioral Health in PACT Education Needs Assessments and key Findings
  5. SAMHSA Guidelines
  6. PCMHI Functional Tool
  7. Plans for Developing Core Competencies

For more information contact: Laural Traylor, MSW Laural.Traylor@va.gov

For information, resources and video clips see: https://www.va.gov/oaa/coepce/

Bradford Felker, MD