Transdisciplinary teamwork simulation in obstetrics-gynecology health care education

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This program evaluation was designed to assess whether a transdisciplinary teamwork simulation experience improves collaborative attitudes among women's health students toward the goals of reducing medical errors and improving patient outcomes. This program evaluation used a pretest-posttest comparative design to measure changes in collaborative attitudes among 35 multidisciplinary women's health students before and after atransdisciplinary simulation experience. Collaborative attitudes were measured by the Team Attitudes Questionnaire. Data analysis consisted of descriptive analysis, paired t tests, and post hoc item analysis. Findings suggest significant increases in collaborative attitudes for mutual support and communication but no significant increases in attitudes for structure, situation monitoring, or leadership from pretest to posttest. Trans-disciplinary simulation experiences among women's health students may enhance mutual support and communication and promote better patient outcomes. Future research should focus on mechanisms to facilitate improvements in structure, situation monitoring, and leadership.

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Bobbie Posmontier
Kymberlee Montgomery
Mary Ellen Smith Glasgow
Owen C. Montgomery
Kate Morse
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