Pandemic-Driven Disruptions in Oral Health: 10 Transformative Trends in Care for Older Adults

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This publication from the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) calls attention to transformative trends with the potential to improve oral health care for older adults. It is based on webinars developed by GSA's Oral Health Workgroup and presented by nationally recognizes speakers under the theme of "Geriatric Oral Health and COVID-19: Old Problems, New Challenges." The 10 topics discussed include: 1) pandemic disruption -- permanent transformation, 2) COVID-19 and nursing homes, 3) workforce and dental coverage, 4) managing chronic oral health problems, 5) teledentistry and teletriage, 6) mobile dentistry in patients with dementia, 7) vaccines by dentists, 8) interprofessional oral care, 9) state laws and long-term care regulation, and 10) COVID-19 related research opportunities. A list of resources is provided.

Gerontological Society of America (GSA)