Mastering the Techno-Human Aspects of a Telehealth Visit

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This presentation (1:02:37 minutes) by Trudy Bearden discusses emerging best practices for interacting with and leveraging the technology in ways that are person-centered for both staff and patients alike. Viewers are invited to consider the key elements of team-based approaches to telehealth, focusing on the role of the nurse. The target audience for this session includes any staff at in the nursing or assisted living facility or home health setting who is likely to support or participate in telehealth or virtual service delivery.

By the end of the presentation, learners should be able to: (1) walk through a telehealth visit from scheduling to follow-up, capturing best practices; (2) explore leverage points for nurses to optimize key elements of the telehealth visit from initiation, patient preparation and documentation to care plans and effective/safe communication; (3) list best practices to ensure safety, quality and patient/staff experience; and (4) know how to deploy quality improvement and quality assurance strategies. Slides are available to download. Deborah Thorpe discusses her experience with hospice care and unhoused people and telehealth. Slides are available to download. Part of the Age-Friendly ECHO series.

Source: Utah Geriatric Education Consortium, 2021

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