Learning for real life: Patient-focused interprofessional workshops offer added value

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OBJECTIVES: This paper reports relevant findings of a pilot interprofessional education (IPE) project in the Schools of Medicine and Healthcare Studies at the University of Leeds. The purpose of the paper is to make a contribution towards answering 2 questions of fundamental importance to the development of IPE. Is there a demonstrable value to learning together? What types of IPE, under what circumstances, produce what type of outcomes?

DESIGN: Pre-registration house officers (PRHOs), student nurses and pre-registration pharmacists attended a series of 3 workshops intended to develop participants' understanding about each other's professional roles, to enhance teamworking and to develop communication skills. Evaluation covered the process of development of the workshops, the delivery of the workshops and their effects on both facilitators and participants.

RESULTS: The course was well received by the participants. The learning reported by the participants reflected 2 project objectives. Participants emphasised communication skills--both with other professionals and patients--and the development of increased awareness of others' roles. These 2 aspects were interlinked.

CONCLUSIONS: The project aims and 2 of the learning outcomes were achieved. There was a demonstrable value to learning together, particularly with regard to interprofessional communications. This project was effective and can make a contribution towards answering the question 'What types of IPE, under what circumstances, produce what type of outcomes?'

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