Effects of a graduate-level interprofessional education program on adult nurse practitioner student and internal medicine resident physician attitudes towards interprofessional care

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Submitted by Kathleen Becker on Aug 27, 2014 - 11:44am CDT

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Journal Article

This article describes the development, implementation and evaluation of a longitudinal
interprofessional education (IPE) experience for adult nurse practitioner students and internal
medicine residents. This experience focused on providing care for complex community based
patients during clinic and home visits, preceded by didactic learning that emphasized
understanding one another’s professional roles and education, teamwork and conflict
management. Evaluation demonstrated significant improvements in attitudes and beliefs
associated with professional role, respect among health professions’ disciplines and conflict
management. Results with regards to attitudes towards IPE and interprofessional practice, and
valuing teamwork training were mixed. In particular, the curricular intervention did not change
participants’self-reported skill in communication and did not affect attitudes and beliefs
towards effects of interprofessional education on patient outcomes.

Hanyok, Laura
Walton-Moss, Benita
Tanner, Elizabeth
Stewart, Rosalyn
Becker, Kathleen