The road to collaboration: developing an interprofessional competency framework

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In the absence of an interprofessional competency framework in Canada, the College of Health Disciplines (CHD) at the University of British Columbia developed a universally applicable framework. This article discusses the development of the "BC Competency Framework for Interprofessional Collaboration". Building on a Health Canada funded initiative through the Interprofessional Network of British Columbia (In-BC), the CHD compared and contrasted existing competency frameworks and consulted curriculum and IP experts throughout British Columbia. The resulting framework is designed to inform curriculum development for health and human service professionals throughout the continuum of learning, starting with pre-licensure education and extending into continuing professional development. The framework will serve as a foundation for future curriculum reform by health and human service educators, practitioners and decision-makers throughout BC and will contribute to the competency literature in Canada.

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Wood, Victoria
Flavell, Anthony
Vanstolk, Dori
Bainbridge, Lesley
Nasmith, Louise
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Journal of Interprofessional Care. 23(6):621-9, 2009 Nov.