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UNE Interprofessional Education Collaborative

Sector: Education

The University of New England Interprofessional Education Collaborative works to transform healthcare education by fostering community-centered, collaborative learning and interprofessional practice.

Our Director is Shelley Cohen Konrad PhD, LCSW, an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work.


Our Interest in Interprofessional Practice and Education:

The Interprofessional Education Collaborative at UNE values shared learning environments that prepare students to be competent and collaborative health professionals:

  • Safety and Quality: The practice of interpersonal, interprofessional, organizational, and systemic behaviors that result in reduced risks to and improved outcomes for health care consumers.
  • Social Justice and Heath as a Human Right: The application of core principles advocating for the right of every person, regardless of circumstance, to receive the best possible health care integrated with contemporary science and delivered respectfully, without bias or judgment.
  • Patient/Person Centeredness: The cultivation and support of attitudes and skills that:
    • Empower healthcare recipients
    • Integrate patient/family/community expertise
    • Promote shared decision-making
  • Cultural Humility: The willingness to:
    • Learn about, from, and with diverse cultures,
    • Respect the health perspectives, values, and wishes of others
    • Use cultural and linguistically appropriate communication.
  • Collaborative Leadership: Interprofessional skills for promoting respectful communication, assertion and advocacy based on relevancy not role.
  • Student Empowerment: The recognition that students, as future health practitioners and change agents charged with transforming healthcare, are necessary and respected collaborators in interprofessional education.

Interprofessional Education: occurs when two or more professions learn about, from and with each other to improve collaboration and the delivery of quality patient care.

Interprofessional Practice: is a shared commitment to know and value the roles and responsibilities of others, communicate effectively, respect common and diverse ethics and use interprofessional, person-centered strategies to provide safe and effective health care.

Signature Programs and Activities:
  • IPEC Events Series presents speakers and events that bring together 11 health professions up to 12 times a semester for IPE activities. These events are often simulcast on the web, recorded and uploaded to the itunesU archive and some are also in our Digital Commons Archive (DUNE)
  • Support an interprofessional student advisory team (IPSAT)
  • Sponsor students for the CLARION Case Competition 
  • Provide IP student-led mini-grants with faculty mentorship 
  • Develop, implement and evaluate IPCP rotations for diverse community sites 
  • Support faculty publications and presentations at national and international conferences 

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