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Michelle Gensinger

Degree & Credential: B.A., M.S. in Ed.
Title: Doctoral Student, Evaluation Studies
Organization: University of Minnesota, Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

My first career was in medical education at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.  During my 18 years at SIU, I was involved in curriculum development and assessment for geriatrics and Introduction to Clinical Medicine courses, and clinical competency examination development for clerkships and the fourth year clinical competency examination.  As director of the standardized patient program and the clinical teaching and assessment activities, I was invited to be a member of the NBME's first committee on the use of standardized/simulated patients in the certification process.

Since leaving Illinois for Minnesota, I have worked in elementary education as a Title 1 math and reading tutor, volunteered as an art docent for elementary schools and as a member of the Minnesota Medical Reserve Corps.  

My great joys these last 18 years has been in spending time with my children while being able to volunteer for their numerous activities; gardening; running a couple of marathons with family members; attempts at conquering the pottery wheel (to some success!); going back to school to work on my Ph.D.; and, more recently, sharing many great adventures with my co-empty-nester, my husband, Ray.  

Signature Programs and Activities:

I have the pleasure to be the graduate assistant to the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education.  In this role, I have been assisting in the development of the web based IPE instrument Resource Exchange and related literature reviews.  Additionally, I will be aiding in the process to establish the validity of a IPE site criteria assessment instrument.   

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Debra, you have made me do a bit of detective work.   As the person who attempted to contact the authors for permission to use the tool for the Resource Exchange, I retraced my steps to find the link...