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Jennifer Boyd

Degree & Credential: PhD, MBA
Title: Asst Vice Provost for Strategic Planning & Interprofessional Iniatives
Organization: Oregon Health and Science University
Profession: Education Administrator

OHSU’s strategic plan, Vision 2020, establishes a strong commitment to collaboration and interprofessional education (IPE). I’m privileged to help lead both OHSU’s dynamic strategic planning process and the OHSU Interprofessional Initiative (IPI). We are developing a robust IPE curriculum for OHSU learners, and enhancing interprofessional clinical and research learning environments. The Collaborative Life Sciences Building, opening in 2014 on OHSU’s South Waterfront campus, will have 20,000 square feet of new interprofessional simulation space. This year, we launched an interprofessional writing program: OHSU WRITEs.

My entire career has been in higher and health care education—as a student, teacher, and senior administrator—and I’m so excited about the opportunities collaboration creates for greater efficiency, effectiveness, and better health outcomes. Oregon is a national leader in health care reform, and  OHSU must educate outstanding health professionals—including physicians, physician assistants, nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, dentists, pharmacists, research scientists, and other important members of the health care team—who excel  in collaboration. Integrating IPE-CP across all OHSU schools and programs is essential to educating a health care workforce well-prepared to deliver team-based, patient-centered care.