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Angela Willson

Degree & Credential: MPH
Location: Minnesota
Title: Interprofessional Continuing Education Manager
Sector: Policy
Organization: National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education / University of Minnesota
Profession: Education Administrator

I joined the team at the National Center in 2015 and serve as Interprofessional Continuing Education Manager, overseeing the education and training and CE portfolios of the National Center, including our work as a Jointly Accredited Provider of Interprofessional Continuing Education, and the Resource Center on I supervise the core operational team here, contributing to the National Center's strategic focus areas and supporting those in the field of IPE nationally and internationally.

My background in nonprofit administration includes work with low-income women in healthcare workforce development at Avivo in Minneapolis, MN, and veterans experiencing homelessness as the Director of Initiatives at the Center for the Homeless in South Bend, IN.

I grew up in Southeast Asia am committed to fostering diversity and supporting fragile populations. I contribute to fundraising and strategic planning on the board of directors for Our Saviour’s Community Services. I am also an active member of the arts community in Minneapolis and central Minnesota.

I completed a bachelor's degree in English Literature and Writing at Bethel University and a Master’s of Public Health - Administration and Policy at the University of Minnesota. My interests include how IPE intersects with elder care, new ways of looking at care teams, and adressing the racial and gender opportunity and pay gaps in health.

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