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Andy Pollen

Degree & Credential: MBA
Location: Iowa
Title: Global Marketing Communications Strategist
Sector: Education
Organization: 3M
Profession: Marketing

Andy Pollen is an experienced health care communicator and strategist, with more than a decade of experience in corporate, agency and non-profit environments. His diverse roles have seen him tackle almost all facets of the industry from frontline care to manufacturing.

He currently serves as a global marketing communications strategist for 3M Health Care's Medical Solutions Division, providing brand-level and digital communication strategy across its diverse portfolio of products and solutions. 

Before joining 3M, he was an account supervisor at Maccabee Public Relations (Minneapolis) and also the National Center communications manager from 2014-2015. Spending the first decade of his career in Indianapolis, Pollen offered strategic communications counsel to several business functions within Eli Lilly and Company through Borshoff, a creative services agency, and also worked in various marketing and public relations roles at Indiana University Health. 

Pollen earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations and journalism from Ball State University, and he holds a master’s degree in business administration from Anderson University. His work and contributions have been recognized several times, most notably with the Young Alumnus Award from the Ball State University Department of Journalism. 

Additionally, Pollen regularly volunteers his time and communications expertise to many diverse causes, including animal welfare, LGBTQ advocacy, public education and other social services. 

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