Stereotyping as a barrier to collaboration: Does interprofessional education make a difference?

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This research was part of a Health Canada funded initiative developed to provide evidence about the effectiveness of interprofessional education (IPE) interventions to promote collaborative patient-centred care. Health professional students' ratings of health professions and the effect of IPE on those ratings were examined. Participants were divided into three groups (N=51); control, education, and practice site immersion. Utilizing the Student Stereotypes Rating Questionnaire (SSRQ) which consists of a five point Likert-type scale each group rated health professionals on nine characteristics: academic ability, interpersonal skills, professional competence, leadership, practical skills, independence, confidence, decision-making, and being a team player (Hean, Macleod-Clark, Adams, and Humphris, 2006). Data were collected at four time points; prior to an IPE classroom intervention, following an IPE classroom intervention, following the IPE immersion experience, and four months post IPE immersion experience. Overall, perceptions of other health professions were more positive following the 2.5day interprofessional education session and immersion experience. Student ratings of the seven professions among the nine characteristics will be presented, highlighting similarities and differences across professional groups. Findings support the incorporation of IPE curricula that address the role and functions of other health care professions to facilitate the development collaborative patient-centred care health care teams.

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Christine A. Ateah
Wanda Snow
Pamela Wener
Laura MacDonald
Colleen Metge
Penny Davis
Moni Fricke
Sora Ludwig
Judy Anderson