A Roadmap for Patient & Family Engagement in Healthcare

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Patient and family engagement is a growing topic in healthcare as we look for ways to improve population health, provide better experience of care and lower healthcare costs. In recognition of the importance of patient and family engagement, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation funded the American Institutes for Research to develop a roadmap for practice and research. This roadmap is a call to action for anyone interested in advancing work related to patient and family engagement. It includes:

  • A vision for patient and family engagement in healthcare
  • 8 strategies to drive action towards increased patient and family engagement
  • 5 simple actions that different stakeholder groups can begin today


Resources with information to help think about how to implement the strategies and tactics listed in the roadmap are provided. These resources are organized by strategy and include:

  • Implementation guides and toolkits
  • Case studies
  • Visual Presentations


This roadmap unifies actions for patient and family engagement in healthcare, building on decades of evidence, knowledge and experience. It highlights opportunities to improve our healthcare system by creating meaningful partnerships with patients and families. It is a catalyst, intended to spark ideas and action from individuals and organizations interested in advancing the work of patient and family engagement. 

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
American Institutes for Research
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