Performance Measurement in Simulation-Based Training: A Review and Best Practices

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Journal Article

Simulation-based training (SBT) is a methodology for providing systematic and structured learning experiences. The effectinvess of this methodology is dependent on the quality of performance measurement practices in place. Performance measurement during SBT must be diagnosed; that is, the causes of effective and ineffective performance must be determined. This diagonstic measurement drives the systematic decisions concerning corrective feedback and remediation. The purpose of this article is to provide a state of the science review of human performance measurement systems in SBT. To this end, three specific goals are addressed. First, a review of the theoretical foundations being used to drive performance measurement systems in SBT is provided. Second, an overview of the methodologies and approaches to measurement in SBT is provided. Third, a set of best practices for designing performance measurement systems for use in SBT are provided. These best practices are based on the scientific and practice-based literatures.

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Eduardo Salas
Michael A. Rosen
Janet D. Held
Johnny J. Weissmuller