Measuring Teamwork in Healthcare Settings: A Review of Survey Instruments

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Submitted by Melissa Valentine on Aug 22, 2014 - 2:50pm CDT

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Objective: To identify, review, and evaluate survey instruments used to assess teamwork, a process critical to delivering quality care, so as to facilitate high quality research on this topic.

Data sources: The ISI Web of Knowledge database, which includes articles from MEDLINE, Social Science Citation Index, and Science Citation Index.

Study design: We conducted a systematic review of articles published before January 2010 to identify survey instruments used to measure teamwork and determine their psychometric validity.

Data extraction: We identified relevant articles using the search terms team, teamwork, work groups, or collaboration, in combination with survey or questionnaire.

Principal findings: We found 36 scales that measured teamwork; only 9 scales met all of the criteria for psychometric validity. Twelve of the 36 scales have shown significant relationship to non-self-report outcomes of interest. Each of these 12 scales assessed some dimension of the quality of social interactions between members. All but one also assessed some dimension of the quality of task-related interactions.

Conclusions: Numerous survey instruments exist to measure teamwork. Few have demonstrated all of the psychometric properties recommended for use, and there is inconsistency in conceptualizations of teamwork. More research is needed to develop and refine measures of teamwork for reliable use by researchers and practitioners/managers.

Melissa Valentine
Ingrid Nembhard
Amy Edmondson
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