Measuring multidisciplinary team effectiveness in a ward-based healthcare setting: Development of the team functioning assessment tool

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Journal Article

Nontechnical skills relating to team functioning are vital to the effective delivery of patient care and safety. In this study, we develop a reliable behavioral marker tool for assessing nontechnical skills that are critical to the success of ward-based multidisciplinary healthcare teams. The Team Functioning Assessment Tool (TFAT) was developed and refined using a literature review, focus groups, card-sorting exercise, field observations, and final questionnaire evaluation and refinement process. Results demonstrated that Clinical Planning, Executive Tasks, and Team Relations are important facets of effective multidisciplinary healthcare team functioning. The TFAT was also shown to yield acceptable inter-rater agreement.

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Gigi Sutton
Jenny Liao
Nerina L. Jimmieson
Simon Lloyd D. Restubog
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Outcomes-based Evaluation Tools