Connecting Care Through Telehealth: Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Telehealth Course

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Connecting Care Through Telehealth is an online course designed to inform and improve best practices when using telehealth and virtual services in LTSS settings. Informed by the Age-Friendly Health Systems 4Ms framework, content is tailored for providers and care-teams, residents/patients, and families and caregivers within nursing homes, assisted living communities, and home health and hospice organizations. This course is hosted on the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center's (NRTRC) website, and consists of five modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Telehealth and Virtual Services in Long-Term Services and Supports
  • Module 2: Connectivity and Setting up a Telehealth Visit
  • Module 3: Best Practices for Facilitaing a Successful Telehealth Visit
  • Module 4: Monitoring Telehealth and Virtual Services in Quality Improvement Programs
  • Module 5: Tele-Visits Tutorials for Patients/Residents, Families and Caregivers

In addition to resources (described below), course modules also include technology troubleshooting tips, communication etiquette, and tools that can be modified to the needs of each LTSS setting. To enroll in this course, click HERE.

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