The Knowledge, Skill, and Ability Requirements for Teamwork: Revisiting the Teamwork-KSA Test's validity

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The Teamwork – Knowledge, Skills, and Ability (KSA) Test was developed by Stevens and Campion to operationalize their comprehensive taxonomy of teamwork competencies. The test is generally considered ‘valid’ and has been used frequently in organizations. Our review of the literature found an average criterion validity of.20 for the Teamwork-KSA Test, although there was considerable variability across studies. We could find no research on the item properties, factor structure, or subscale reliabilities, and no extensive investigations of the nomological net of this test. In our field sample, we found subscale reliabilities to be generally inadequate, no meaningful factor structure, and low predictivenes of employees' performance on team-related dimensions. Although the taxonomy it purports to measure is preeminent, the Teamwork-KSA Test itself may have serious limitations.

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Thomas A. O'Neill
Richard D. Goffin
Ian R. Gellatly
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