IOM 1972 Report: "Educating for the Health Team"

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The conference brought together on a national scale equal numbers of leaders (120 in all) from the major health professions to define the issues in the increasingly important matter of interdisciplinary education, in order to give impetus to more detailed considerations of institutional, regional, and ultimately national levels of health education. The report comprises a description of the organization of the conference and the development of the report, the chairperson's introduction; and the recommendations and conclusions of the steering committee. Discussion groups considered six questions: (1) Why educate teams? (2) Who should be so educated? (3) How should students be educated (classroom emphasis)? (4) How should students and professionals be educated (clinical emphasis)? (5) What are the requirements for educating health care delivery teams? (6) What are the obstacles? Two papers presented at the conference on these themes are among the appendixes, as is a report of the proceedings. The steering committee's recommendations are aimed at three levels: administrative, teaching, and national, stressing the importance of recognition of an obligation to engage in interdisciplinary education, the value of clinical settings for developing interdisciplinary education, and the need for governmental and professional support of interdisciplinary education for health care delivery teams.

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