Interdisciplinary Project-Based Work-Integrated Learning:

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Submitted by Margo Brewer on Mar 18, 2024 - 8:33pm CDT

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This Guide is designed to inform the incorporation of interdisciplinary project-based learning into undergraduate or postgraduate programs. Interdisciplinary project-based learning provides an opportunity for university staff, students, and industry partners to enhance their capabilities through collaborating on authentic problem solving. The guide provides an overview of interdisciplinary project-based learning along with examples of this in action across four Australian universities, reflections on lessons learned, and key recommendations for other staff wishing to embed this educational approach within their curriculum. The guide can be used to establish interdisciplinary project-based learning in a range of contexts including the classroom, online and workplace (e.g., placements within industry). 

Associate Professor Margo Brewer
Associate Professor Sonia Ferns
Dr Sally Lewis
Dr Jeri Childers
Leonie Russell