Guide to Patient and Family Engagement: Environmental Scan Report

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This project promotes patient and family engagement in hospital settings by developing, implementing, and evaluating the Guide to Patient and Family Engagement: Enhancing the Quality and Safety of Hospital Care (hereafter referred to as the Guide). The Guide includes tools, materials, and/or training for patients, family members, health professionals (e.g., hospital clinicians, staff), hospital leaders, and those who will implement the materials in the Guide. Our preliminary vision of the Guide included four components, each with a series of "tools" (e.g., materials, resources, items for training):

  • Patient and Family Active Involvement Materials
  • Patient and Family Organizational Partnership Materials
  • Health Professional Materials
  • Leadership and Implementation Materials

The tools to be included in the Guide are intended to support the involvement of patients and family members in their care, encourage the involvement of patients and family members in improving quality and safety within the hospital setting, facilitate the creation of partnerships between health professionals and patients/family members, and outline the steps needed to implement changes.

Maureen Maurer
Pam Dardess
Kristin L. Carman
Karen Frazier
Lauren Smeeding