Guest Editorial: The US National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education Measurement and Assessment Collection

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Barbara Brandt and Connie Schmitz published a guest editorial in the Journal of Interprofessional Care in 2017, outlining the approach to and rationale for the redesign of the National Center's measurement instrument collection on 

From the Introduction:

"Today, greater emphasis is being placed on collaboration, higher quality, more affordable care, and “proven approaches,” particularly in caring for high-need, highcost patients. Emerging attributes point to communication and coordination among members of the care team. These emerging models of care are novel and complex and not easily transferrable because they require cultural adaptation in individual environments (Blumenthal, Chernof, Fulmer, Lumpkin, & Selberg, 2016). Therefore, health systems are seeking hard data and evidence that links processes of care, which may or may not be team-based, to outcomes, to report to government agencies and thirdpayer insurers. Furthermore, they are seeking data to make decisions about the composition of health professionals in their workforce, how they work together, and how to train them in real time. Experts in teamwork and interprofessional approaches have much to bring to these conversations, particularly around the measurement of team functioning and how to use proven tools in practice to link to evidence around outcomes, quality, affordability, and access to care."

Barbara F. Brandt
Constance C. Schmitz
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