Front Line Forces: Hand Hygiene

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Front Line Forces training modules and resources cover topics developed with the direct care staff in mind, created for those working in long-term care and other health care settings. These short on-demand learning modules and resources are designed to: (1) Fit seamlessly into the routine of the day, without causing lengthy interruptions; (2) Empower and engage direct care staff in their work by building the confidence and skills they need to support quality care and a resident-centered approach; (3) Build on current knowledge; and (4) Promote best practices.

This learning module discusses infection prevention and control as well as hand hygiene. By the end of this module, learners should be able to: (1) recite the definition of hand hygiene; (2) recognize potential risks of transmission of infection; (3) recall barriers to hand hygiene practices in health care settings; (4) describe when hand hygiene should be performed; (5) determine when it is appropriate to use alcohol-based hand rub vs. water and soap; and (6) demonstrate proper techniques for hand hygiene. A quiz is also available.

Source: Superior Health Quality Alliance, 2021

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