Dr. Hartnett Presents the Keynote for the Launch of the Australian Network for Integrating Oral Health (NIOH)

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OHNEP Program Director Dr. Erin Hartnett had the honor of inaugurating the launch of the Australian Network for the Integration of Oral Health (NIOH) at the 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Care in Melbourne, Australia on November 12, 2019. Dr. Hartnett was invited to present by the Centre for Oral Health Outcomes and Research Translation (COHORT) at Western Sydney University in Australia, where she has been appointed as an honorary Associate Professor.

The Australian Network for Integration of Oral Health (NIOH) brings together the essential domains of research, education and practice to create systemic change for the benefit of whole person care. NIOH aims to identify and develop innovative practices and models that contribute to integrating oral health and general health across the lifespan. NIOH shares OHNEP's mission to connect to put the mouth back into the body and incorporate oral health into patient care. 

Jessamin Cipollina, MA