Domestic Violence & Provider Role: Video & Curriculum

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Submitted by Cathy Plourde on May 16, 2014 - 3:51pm CDT

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This material is modular in nature, and can be used in parts or as a cohesive whole.  It was developed to help health professionals recognize and address the presence or history of interpersonal violence in a patient and was made possible with funding from the Bingham Program and with the University of New England’s College of Osteopathic Medicine.  While focused on the role of the primary care provider, the content is suitable across many disciplines and for interprofessional education/practice. Included for each segment:

  • Pre & Post test
  • Content summary
  • Links to individual video
  • Suggested curriculum to accompany each video. 
  • Direct link to all videos playlist:

Use freely, with proper credit.  For further information about this project, please contact: (207-370-1131) Or


Note from developer: I've put a few years and a good deal of resources into a project on Domestic Violence and the Health Care Provider's Role. I hope that you will help share this work in the world, widely and freely!  As a whole they serve to take DV training beyond the 101, and the flexible modular, open-source structure will make it easy to use in many, many different settings and across many disciplines.

The video links will also be available on the UNE Youtube channel, but in the meantime they can be found on my channel as a playlist labeled DV and Provider Role:

Would you please consider posting this link and the accompanying curriculum to your professional association list serve?  Do you know a provider you could share this with? 

I'm happy to answer any questions. ~Cathy Plourde

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