Developing film resources for interprofessional education

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Submitted by Jill Romeo on Sep 6, 2023 - 1:39am CDT

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Journal Article

Describes a process to access and ensure safe consent for the development of resources, enabling health professionals and patients to talk using an innovative, respectful approach. An interprofessional class with learning outcomes focused on management of long-term conditions needed to understand typical examples of community-based interprofessional health-care teams in action. Three separate resources were developed and housed on a secure website.  These were crafted into an easy-to-navigate, stepwise learning process that included multiple, short, themed conversational clips interspersed with written resources and excerpts from local guidelines. The resource was used during classroom teaching with teacher-facilitated interprofessional discussion or accessed by students for individual learning. Student feedback indicated that the learning resources is pedagogically effective.

McKinlay, E.