Team meetings in specialist palliative care: asking questions as a strategy within interprofessional interaction

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In this article, I explore what happens when specialist palliative care staff meet together to discuss patients under their care. Many studies (e.g., Atkinson) have discussed how health care practitioners in various settings use rhetorical strategies when presenting cases in situations such as ward rounds and team meetings. Strategies for arguing and persuading are central to medical practice in the interprofessional context. The context of specialist palliative care is an interesting place for research, as there is a history of patient-centered holistic approaches to care, within a multidisciplinary context, that is interdisciplinary in its focus, structure, and practice (e.g., Saunders). This article examines the rhetorical accomplishment of teamwork in specialist palliative care settings.

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Arber, Anne
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Qualitative Health Research. 18(10):1323-35, 2008 Oct.